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Best Automatic cars in India under 5 lakh

On busy Indian roads, the majority of drivers want to have a comfortable and safe drive. The latest Automatic cars can provide both safety and comfort. Earlier automatic cars were low in mileage that’s why they were less popular but latest cars come with modern automatic gears like AMT transmission provide good mileage. Some of best automatics cars in India under 5 lakh are:

  • Tata Nano XMA:               Rs. 1.99 to 3 lakhs
  • Alto K-10 AGS:                   Rs. 3.90 to 4.06 lakhs
  • Hyundai Santro 2018:     Rs. 3.50 lakhs starting Price (to be launched in September 2018)
  • Hyundai Eon:                     Rs. 3.33 to 4.66 lakhs
  • Celerio AT:                          Rs. 3.90 to 4.96 lakhs
  • Hyundai Grand i10:          Rs. 4.93 lakhs starting price
  • Honda Brio                          Rs. 4.48 lakhs starting price

Among them, Hyundai cars are my favourites. It is the third largest vehicle manufacturing company in the world. The company sold its cars in 193 countries with more than 5000 dealer’s network.

In automatic cars, you need not require changing the gears and use clutches. There is no clutch pedal in such cars so you can drive comfortably during traffic jams and otherwise. The Hyundai Grand i10 is a gem in automatic cars in Hyundai. It has triple cylinder and torque of 160NM and powered by 71PS. The car is more spacious and has good boot space. It comes with a gear shift indicator which helps to provide maximum mileage.

Hyundai small cars are considered to be the most affordable vehicle. They are easy to park in crowded cities of India. Hyundai small cars come with the latest technology hence it provides a fun driving. You can take sharp turns easily. They are also good in mileage. Hyundai small automatic cars are too good for an example previous model of “Hyundai Santro” which was extremely popular.

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